About the project

We are working on making transition from natural gas contagious

Our Aim

The proposed project aims to support the national transition away from gas use, by co-creating an intervention strategy with key stakeholders that can be used by municipalities to mobilize households. In this strategy, households are involved to suggest changes to proposed alternatives that make these alternatives more acceptable and then mobilize one another to agree through a social network-driven process of change.


In this phase, specific households (nodes) in a social network are identified whose actions may influence others to act too, i.e., the seed nodes.

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In the second phase, households are activated to move away from natural gas use and adopt a renewable energy source.

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In phase 3 we will work from the concept of social contagion, a chain reaction of influence: subsequent decisions by neighbours will accelerate a network-wide transition.

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The ENRGISED research team

The team comprises of researchers from 2 Universities: from the Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) faculty of Delft University of Technology and from the Social Science and Computer Science faculties of the University of Utrecht.