First MSc Graduate

On 24th August 2020, Jesal Shah graduates as the first student to conduct research under the ENRGISED project. She designed a toolkit consists of 3 items:
1) A deck of inspiration cards
2) A set of 5 design canvases (that guide the design process); and
3) A handbook that outlines how to use inspiration cards and canvases to design the interventions.

Reyeroord (a pilot neighbourhood in Rotterdam) was used as a case study to understand the municipality’s efforts and residents’ motivations & apprehensions towards the energy transition; as well as to understand people’s social identities and networks – the building blocks of social influence. Analysis reveals the prevalence of different barriers under the key themes of trust, loss/ risk perceptions, understanding & awareness which lead to procrastination of decision-making amongst residents. Thus, overcoming procrastination by mitigating the underlying apprehensions and barriers forms the key
goal for Reyeroord. In order to help the Municipality(s) to overcome these apprehensions, she designed the cards, canvases and a handbook.

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